Questions and Answers

Q. Where would the site be accessed from?
Entry to the site will be taken off the existing access from the A470 (T) road between Llangurig and Llanidloes.
Q. How far have the plans progressed?
An application for a temporary planning permission (12 months) for an anemometer mast on the land was granted by Powys County Council on 20th September 2012 - Ref: P/2012/0957. We submitted a planning application for the wider wind farm to Powys County Council in October 2014 - Ref: P/2014/1102
Q. What other infrastructure would be required at Bryn Blaen Wind Farm?
The turbines would be connected together using underground electrical cables, communication and low voltage cables. The cables would be laid adjacent to a hard core track used for construction of the turbines and to provide access for maintenance.
Q. How big would the turbines be and will I be able to see them from my home?
- The layout has been designed to minimise the impact on the landscape and visual amenity, particular for houses closer to the site. The proposed turbines for Bryn Blaen Wind Farm would be approximately 59m to hub height and the blades would have a swept diameter between 87m and 101m. However, the maximum height to blade tip will be 100m, so if longer blades are used the tower height would be reduced. An illustrative drawing of an example turbine is provided on the project page.
Q. How loud are the turbines and will I hear them from my house?
In general terms, wind farms are NOT noisy. There are strict guidelines used by planning authorities to assess whether a wind farm will cause a noise nuisance. Unless a developer can prove these guidelines can be met, the wind farm will not be given planning permission.
Q. What is shadow flicker and how could it affect me?
Shadow flicker is the flickering effect that may be caused by the shadow of rotating blades crossing a narrow opening, such as a window. It can only occur when the window is in the same line as the sun and a turbine. The sun also needs to be bright enough to cause shadows. Shadow flicker is reckoned only to cause a nuisance within ten rotor diameters of the house. As we have kept the turbines as far as possible from housing, we do not expect shadow flicker to be an issue at any dwelling, but mitigation can be installed if it proves to be a nuisance.

2 Update of UK Shadow Flicker Evidence Base - DECC 2012
Q. Why are you proposing a wind farm in this location, when it is not within the seven Strategic Search Areas (SSA's) identified in Technical Advice Note 8 (Tan8): Planning For Renewable Energy (2005)?
Whilst the proposed wind farm at Bryn Blaen is not located within an SSA, it is important to note that it is a 15MW scheme i.e. less than 25MW and therefore not considered large scale.

TAN 8 states that Local planning authorities are best placed to assess detailed locational requirements within and outside SSAs in the light of local circumstances. Furthermore paragraph 2.4 states that where robust evidence is provided that supports the development of a wind farm outside (but close to) an SSA which is suitably unconstrained, local planning authorities may grant such development.