The Benefits

Delivery of the Bryn Blaen Wind Farm

In delivering Bryn Blaen Wind Farm, our goal is to ensure that we create significant environmental, economic and community benefits. We will be consulting widely on our proposals and on potential community benefits, by looking at the best way to structure a community benefit fund.

Economic Benefits

We believe that the construction and operation of the wind farm has the potential to have a positive effect on the economy. During the construction phase for example, where possible we will source materials such as stone from local suppliers. We estimate that out of the £25m build cost, between 20% and 30% could be spent locally, providing £5m to £7m to the local economy. We are determined that our wind farm will be a good neighbour, so further initiatives will be identified to provide direct benefits to local people throughout the wind farm's life.

Environmental Benefits

As part of the development, extensive management of sensitive upland habitats will take place to create suitable habitats for important species of birds and to ensure the survival of upland plant communities that have been threatened by EU agricultural policy.

Community Benefits

Bryn Blaen Wind Farm could provide an annual payment of approximately £90,000 for every year of its operation to be spent on community projects. This figure is based on £5,000 per MW of capacity per year for every year of its operational life . This would create a total development fund of around £2.25 million over the wind farm's lifetime. We want to know your thoughts on how this money should be spent. Would the area benefit from subsidised high speed broadband? Would the area benefit from subsidised high speed broadband? Would you welcome a travelling cinema? Could the money be put towards education scholarships? Let us know by filling in a feedback form today at the exhibition.