The Project

The Proposals

Proposals for the Bryn Blaen Wind Farm Ltd consist of six wind turbines on land north of the village of Llangurig in Powys. We have chosen this site for wind turbines very carefully. In developing our proposals we have considered a number of factors including:

Construction Programme

The overall construction programme for the wind farm development is expected to take around 40 weeks once we start work on-site. Some off-site highways improvements may be carried out before work starts on-site.

Site Entrance

Access to the site will be gained via the extension of an existing entrance off the A470 (T). The works necessary to form the site entrance will include culverting an existing drainage ditch and the introduction of a wheel-wash facility; the wheel-wash will be required to reduce the risk of soil being transported onto the main A470 (T) carriageway.

On-Site Access Tracks

Approximately 7 km of new tracks will be required to access the turbine locations. The tracks will be a minimum of 5m wide, the width varying locally for junctions, bends and passing places and at turbine base locations where wider working areas will be required.

Local materials will imported from nearby quarries for this construction. The stone material used to make up the tracks would be laid on a geotextile layer to prevent fine material migration and improve the track stability.

Existing gates will need to be widened to 6m. Where new gates are required they will also be 6m wide and will remain after the construction phase.

Turbine Bases

A steal base collar section would be cast into a concrete base onto which the turbine's lower tower sections would connect. On completion, the base will be backfilled and compacted to existing ground level using previously excavated material.

Electrical Substation

There will be a concrete area used to house a 33/132kv transformer and a control building to house the switch gear and metering equipment as well as welfare facilities for staff working on site.

Potential views

The Proposed Turbine

click image to view in more detail

The proposed turbine would have a height (to blade tip) of around 100m. Whilst the exact make and model of turbine to be used at Bryn Blaen Wind Farm is still to be determined, if the hub height was 59m, as shown in the image above, the blades would have a swept diameter of about 87m. However, should longer blades be used, the tower height would be reduced.